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Wayback was designed to give you easy and convenient access to the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine.

Wayback requires extended permissions to provide its feature sets. I encourage you to review the code on GitHub, to be assured that I do not misuse your data.


Last Archive Date

Quickly see when a page was last archived

I use the API of the Wayback Machine to quickly tell you the last time, the page was archived. Too long ago? There's an option to save the current page.

Save Current Page

Quickly add the current page to the archive

Are you browsing a page, which contains data that should be preserved? Click the Save Current Page option to send a request to archive.org to capture the page. It couldn't be easier!

Key Board Shortcut

Set a keyboart shortcut, e.g. ctrl + w to show Page History quickly

Don't want to open the popover to go to the Page History for the current page? Setup a keyboard shortcut and get there almost instantly!

Inject "Show Page History" Button

Keyboard Shortcuts aren't for you? Inject a button to the bottom left to quickly access the Page History

If keyboard shortcuts aren't right for you, inject a small button to the bottom left, which will take you to the Page History for the current page.

Sprechen Sie Deutsch?

Currently localized to English & German

Would you like to see your language supported? Contact me to help with the translation, it's only a few quick strings.


As Wayback is a free app, please don't expect within the hour support, but feel free to contact me at wayback@otzberg.net with questions and suggestions!

If you like the app, consider reviewing it in the App Store. If you don't, consider helping me make it better!


This one is simply:

  • Wayback requires extended permissions to have access to the current page to perform its features
  • Wayback communicates only with the internet archive's API server to obtain the last archived date
  • There are no cookies
  • Unless you contact me, I know absolutely nothing of you...
  • For full disclosure: Apple does provide some anonymous user stats, if you have opted in to doing so.
  • The code is on GitHub for you to see - I have nothing to hide!


Claus Wolf
Am Hergert 1
64853 Otzberg