Tab Count

A simple Safari App Extension to count tabs ยท

Tab Count will add a toolbar icon in Safari and when more than 10 tabs are open start to show the number of open tabs as a toolbar badge. Don't like 10? Make it any number between 1 and 100. Want to close all tabs on the right or left of the current active tab, click the toolbar icon to open the popover. If you'd like, we help you focus, by enforcing a maximum number of open tabs. That's it...

As Tab Count doesn't need to see your private stuff, we don't ask for any website permissions at all.


Count Tabs

Now that's the point of it, isn't it?

Are you like me and have a gazillion tabs open over multiple windows? How do you keep track and who reminds you it's time to clean up? Tab Count was designd exactly to serve that need. It will count all open tabs in Safari and show you the number, either by clicking the icon or as a badge to the icon when at least 10 tabs are open. If 10 is too few or too many? Simple, set your own threshold between 1 and 100.

Helps you focus!

Stay focused by enforcing a maximum number of open tabs

As your day goes on, the number of open tabs grows and grows and grows, while your computer's performance and more importantly your focus suffers? Set a number maximum number of tabs that can be open at any time and let Tab Count enforce it for you, by either closing the left-most tab as you open another one, or by preventing you from opening new tabs. As always you are in full control!

Close Tabs

Close tabs to the left or right of the current active tab

Safari offers a number of cool features. Ever right-clicked a tab? You should! However, what if it is time to clean up? Tab Count gives you a quick way to close all tabs to the left or right of the current active one. Might be too radical, or just what you need. You are the judge of that!

Sprechen Sie Deutsch?

Currently localized to English, German (and Japanese)

Would you like to see your language supported? Contact me to help with the translation, it's only a few quick strings.


As Tab Count is a free app, please don't expect within the hour support, but feel free to contact me at with questions and suggestions!

If you like the app, consider reviewing it in the App Store. If you don't, consider helping me make it better!


This one is simply:

  • Tab Count asks for no website permissions and thus doesn't "see" anything you do
  • Tab Count doesn't communicate with any servers
  • There are no cookies
  • Unless you contact me, I know absolutely nothing of you...
  • For full disclosure: Apple does provide some anonymous user stats, if you have opted in to doing so.


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