Find your Instagram User ID

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Photo URL

Go to and do the following:

  1. View your profile
  2. Right Click one of your images and select "Copy Link"
  3. Paste that link below

Video Tutorial on how to obtain your Instagram User ID

Instagram User ID Finder

We can no longer operate this service as it was originally conceived

Due to changes in Instagram's API Terms of Service, I am no longer able to offer the Instagram User ID Finder as a service. I honestly didn't appreciate how popular this service was, until I got eMails from users pointing out that the service was no longer operational.

I apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your past usage of my tool.

Thank you and take care!


But here is a trick to help you out

Steps last updated on 04-June-2016

Here a screeshot to help your get your bearings

Kudos to Brandon Dies, who pointed out that JavaScript Object to me

Further kudos to "Tom", who pointed out the changed code snippet on 01 May 2018