I love the internet!
Because it blows my mind...

No medium has ever fascinated me quite as much as the internet and ever since launching my first website in 1996 I just couldn't stop creating...

Work & Family

Family: an amazing wife & two wonderful daughters. Work: Sales Engineer...


Most of my projects revolve around basic HTML, CSS & Co , which I started learning from a massive book on Netscape 3.5 Gold back in 1996.


While I have altered CGI & PHP scripts for many years, it wasn't until early 2012 that I really started to create my own applications in this simple, yet rather powerful language. If you care to check out one or two, well you are seeing one just now. I am particularly fond of migo and mtm and a small FourSquare Web App, which I wrote to suite my own peculiar needs.


What'd be modern web apps without a little jQuery & AJAX magic. JavaScript is the tool of choice to make the web special. Unfortunately I still have a long way to go to even claim to be any good, but I am doing alright.


I guess what used to be slideshows are now home movies, but I hope that my family doesn't feel like I am punishing them with my home movies. I enjoy the moments captured on video tremendously and edit videos in iMovie & Final Cut. My family gets a customary Christmas DVD a year and some of my home movies are on Vimoe & YouTube, but they are more of a private nature, so forgive me for not sharing.


Works takes me to some amazing places, from Israel to Saudi Arabia, from the United States to just around the corner. When I travel I usually have a camera with me, although in the last few years a compact digital camera has been replaced by my iPhone, which really hasn't helped the quality of pictures. I have literally taken thousands and thousands of pictures on my travels and in all reality I should throw thousands away, but storage is cheap, so I am keeping them ;) If you really care, take a look on Flickr, I'd recommend getting started with the collections for sure.