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NosillaCast Amazon

PopClip Bookmarklet for NosillaCast / Podfeet.com

Welcome NosillaCastAways!

I've been an avid listener of the NosillaCast for a great many years and I get so much out of Allison's weekly show that I wanted to give back. When Allison mentioned, that her Amazon link wasn't clicked much, I wanted to help, but living in Germany didn't give me much of a chance to help by clicking her links. I remembered that I did something a while ago, that might be useful to Allison and wrote her a message.

If you are in Germany (or you speak German) - head over to otzberg.net/amazon/bookmarklet for details.

What you see here isn't magic, it is really very simplistic, but I hope that you will find it much easier to help the show out, if there is a bookmark in your browser's toolbar and if it gives you some extra utility. Let's support Allison by using her bookmarklet!

Drag & Drop this link:

NosillaCast Amazon

How to install

  1. Ensure your brower's bookmark toolbar is visible - ⇧ + ⌘ + B
  2. Drag & drop the above link to your bookmark toolbar
  3. There is no third step;)

How to use

Simply highlight any text on a webpage and click the bookmarklet - it will start a search at amazon.com for you! You get some extra convenience and as an added bonus, Allison will get the tiniest of commissons from Amazon, while you don't pay a penny extra. Now that's what I call a win-win-situation!

See a short video

This video was created for Allison and was never really intended for public use - thus it is a little rough around the eges. Please forgive me for that. It is also a follow on video to this one, so you might want to view it first.

The Source Code

For your convenience I have broken out the JavaScript a little bit and urldecoded it. If you create your own version, please remember that you want everything to be in one line, no line breaks, and the code must be URL-Encoded.

If you don't know how to URLencode or URLdecode something - head over to otzberg.net/encoder to do it; to avoid endless scrolling, I also replaced two URLs in the code with http://firsturl.tld and http://secondulr.tld here the URLs in long form

          function() {
            function se(d) {
              return d.selection ? d.selection.createRange().text : d.getSelection()
            s = se(document);
            for (i=0; i<frames.length && !s; i  ) s = se(frames[i].document);
            if (!s || s=='') {
            else {
              open('http://secondurl.tld' (s ? '&field-keywords=' encodeURIComponent(s) : '&field-keywords=imac')).focus();

The source code might force you to horizontally scroll a little (and OS X doesn't make that very obvious) so ensure you have it all

To Consider

The first url might be better replaced by a more standard link to Allison's Amazon Page - rather than doing a search for the term "iMac".


It still takes a lot of effort to remember to use the tool, to help Allison and her show. I just hope it is less effort than using her affiliate search box on her site.

In Allison's Blog Post, you will also find information on how to install a PopClip extension. This one is much more useful, as it will work anywhere you can highlight text - your eMail, a PDF, word document, etc. - and thus that is the one I'd recommend you use.


I really don't deserve credit for the source code above. If memory serves me well, I got most of it from the web - sources I can unfortunately no longer remember - when I initially learned on how to do a bookmarklet.

That's the beauty of the internet, if you know what question to ask and how to evaluate the answers, you can get most everything done. Sources like Stack Overflow rank highly in Google searches for a good reason - they are superbly useful. I use them every day for work, and so does most everyone I know.

The reason these sources are so useful is that they are based on sharing, share your knowledge and others will share their's and in the end we all know a lot more. So keep sharing!

Further Reading

Please visit http://www.podfeet.com/blog/2015/07/amazon-affiliate-popclip-bookmarklet/ for Allison's PopClip extension and further descriptions


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